ANCAP SAFETY is taking a number of precautions to assist in minimising effects on the community. These measures include remote working arrangements for staff and restricted physical contact with the community, our members and stakeholders. These arrangements are not expected to adversely affect the important service we provide to Australian & New Zealand consumers, and ANCAP safety rating information can continue to be accessed via our website. Safety is our priority. Please stay safe.

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Our Apps

Our Apps.

apps: designed to help consumers and first responders
stay safe on our roads. Download them today.

ANCAP SAFETY app. Your vehicle safety companion.

Helps consumers search and compare safety
ratings for over 700 vehicle makes and models
available across Australia and New Zealand.

While walking through showrooms, visiting dealerships, going for test drives or doing online research, it’s easy for one car to blur into the next.

This app, however, allows consumers to take notes and save photos against individual models, and to compare the safety ratings and key safety features of up to three vehicles on their wish list.

The ANCAP SAFETY app is not only a useful tool for those looking to buy a car, but in the unlucky event of an accident, the crash log feature allows users to take photos of any damage and to capture the other driver’s licence & registration plate. With a few taps, all of the information can then be sent to the relevant insurer.

To help buyers make the best possible choices when it comes to safety, this free app also allows consumers to stay up-to-date with the latest safety ratings and to receive the latest vehicle safety notifications.

ANCAP RESCUE app. Saving time saves lives.

Assists emergency services personnel in
quickly identifying in-vehicle hazards to safely
free occupants in the event of a crash.

The ANCAP RESCUE app brings together Rescue Sheets for a broad range of makes and models into one accessible platform. Each sheet provides first responders with a colour-coded illustration highlighting the location of potentially dangerous features such high-voltage batteries, fuel tanks, airbag inflators and seatbelt pretensioners.

With a better understanding of the vehicle’s structure, those arriving first at the scene of a crash can work more efficiently to free a patient.

Time can mean the difference between life and death, and the information contained in the app can allow first responders to act with certainty.

This life-saving app is free and accessible to all emergency services - from Police, Fire and Rescue and State Emergency Services personnel.

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