25 Aug 2022

Safe AND green: Environmental outcomes should not come at the cost of safety.

We can all play our part to ensure the future of the Australian vehicle fleet is both safe and green.

Safety and environmental performance are top-of-mind considerations for new car buyers today, and ANCAP encourages all consumers and fleet buyers to consider the safest vehicle they can afford when purchasing green.

To assist private, business and fleet buyers, ANCAP has produced a quick reference consumer guide listing the range of alternative-powered models rated by ANCAP together with a summary of their safety performance. With more than 40 battery electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and hydrogen powered vehicles tested and rated by ANCAP so far, there are a range of options to choose from.

View ANCAP’s Safe and Green Consumer Guide here.

How does ANCAP test green vehicles?

Electrified vehicles (including battery electric, fuel cell and hybrid-electric vehicles) are subjected to the same ANCAP crash protection and crash avoidance tests as any other vehicle rated by ANCAP. Some additional elements are monitored by ANCAP as part of the testing process:

  • The output of the high-voltage battery is monitored. High voltage batteries are fitted with a ‘safety cut-out’ that will rapidly disconnect the battery in the event of a crash. We monitor the output to record if and when this cut-out operates.
  • The vehicle body is checked safely for any high-voltage immediately after the crash. If the safety cut-out were to fail and a damaged high-voltage wire was to be in contact with the vehicle body, then a person touching the vehicle could be injured. Test technicians use insulated gloves and stand on a rubber mat to ensure that the vehicle has no high voltages and is safe to touch.
  • The battery is examined for any sign of damage, such as intrusion into the battery unit, leakage of fluids, fire or abnormal heat.

Post crash rescue

As part of our star rating progress, we also seek Rescue Cards from vehicle manufacturers each time we rate a vehicle. Rescue Cards are designed to assist emergency services personnel in quickly identifying in-vehicle hazards - such as high-voltage batteries - to minimise risk to first responders, and safely free occupants from the vehicle following a crash.

To view all alternative-powered vehicles tested and rated by ANCAP, click here.

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