13 Dec 2017

Jaguar F-PACE reaches 5 stars as does Kia Stinger, but only its higher grade variants.

Independent safety ratings for two more models enter the ANCAP ledger this week, with a 5 star ANCAP safety rating issued to the Jaguar F-PACE and a split 3 and 5 star rating awarded to the Kia Stinger.

“As a new market entrant, the Kia Stinger has generated a lot of public interest and consumers should expect a 5 star safety rating for this calibre of vehicle,” said ANCAP Chief Executive, Mr James Goodwin.

“The Si, GT Line and GT variants marketed in Australia, and all New Zealand Stinger variants are well-equipped and have earnt the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating.”

“Unfortunately two Stinger variants offered as part of the Australian model line-up – the 200S and 330S – are supplied without the active safety aids provided in other variants and score 3 stars.”

“Autonomous emergency braking and lane keep assist have been omitted from these grades, reducing their Safety Assist score to 25 per cent. Australasian variants also lack rear seat belt pre-tensioners and load limiters which help manage the forces of a crash, and a penalty has been applied to the full width test score,” said Mr Goodwin

“Australasian customers should feel let down that important safety features are being left out of the vehicles we’re being supplied. We would urge Kia to offer the same safety specification across all variants and all markets to ensure the best safety outcomes,” he added.

A 5 star ANCAP safety rating applies to Si, GT Line and GT Stinger variants available in Australia since October 2017 and the EX, GT Line and GT Sport variants on sale in New Zealand from next year.

Jaguar’s most popular selling model in Australia, the F-PACE, scored well with 5 stars for all variants.

“High scores were achieved in all physical crash tests and performance assessments,” said Mr Goodwin.

“AEB is provided as a standard feature along with forward collision and lane departure warning systems.”

“Other active safety assist features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist functions are however offered as options and we would encourage all brands to offer these important safety aids as standard in all markets,” Mr Goodwin said.

Kia Stinger (Oct 2017 – onwards) frontal offset test at 64km/h

Kia Stinger (Oct 2017 – onwards) full width test at 50km/h

Kia Stinger (Oct 2017 – onwards) full width test at 50km/h

Kia Stinger (Oct 2017 – onwards) oblique pole test at 32km/h

Kia Stinger (Oct 2017 – onwards) oblique pole test at 32km/h