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Safe car choices extend with new Subaru XV and Holden Astra sedan

Holden Astra (May 2017 – onwards) side impact test at 50km/h

25 May 2017

Safe car choices extend with new Subaru XV and Holden Astra sedan

Two new cars enter the Australasian market this week with 5 star ANCAP safety ratings - the Subaru XV and Holden Astra sedan.

“The Astra sedan and XV offer high levels of protection to occupants across a variety of crash scenarios including frontal, side and rear-end crashes,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Goodwin.

The Subaru XV achieved a ‘Good’ pedestrian protection rating and a ‘Good’ rating for whiplash protection. The 5 star ANCAP safety rating applies to all variants.

“Autonomous emergency braking, which can assist the driver by braking automatically in a critical situation, is offered as standard on the three higher XV variants however it is not available on the base variant.”

The pedestrian protection rating for the Astra sedan was ‘Acceptable’ and its whiplash rating was ‘Good’. Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is not available on the Astra sedan.

“It is disappointing autonomous emergency braking is not available across the board on two new models and we continue to encourage consumers to ask for, and brands to offer, this potentially life-saving technology,” said Mr Goodwin.

“As our requirements become more stringent next year, it will not be possible for new models to achieve a 5 star ANCAP safety rating without an effective AEB system fitted as standard.”

Holden Astra (May 2017 – onwards)

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