ANCAP Safety

Meet The Crash Test Kids!

Jack and Indiana got to spend the day at the ANCAP SAFETY test lab to see how we test the safety of cars to give them their star rating. We’ve tested and rated thousands of cars, SUVs, vans and utes.

Check the stars of your car.

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Part 1: Welcome to ANCAP

The Crash Test Kids prepare to meet Carla, ANCAP's Chief Executive Officer.

Jack and Indiana meet Carla, ANCAP’s Chief Executive Officer (AKA The Boss) to understand the difference between a cap and ANCAP.

Part 2: Crash Briefing

Jack and Indiana visit Mark, ANCAP's Chief Technical Officer.

Jack and Indiana drop in on Mark, ANCAP’s Chief Technical Officer (AKA The Car Nerd) who explains what happens during a crash test.

Part 3: Ready. Set. Crash!

Jack and Indiana observe an ANCAP crash test.

The kids finally get to see the smash they’ve been waiting all day for – with the help of Rhianne (AKA The Car Nut).

Part 4: The Instant Replay

Rhianne takes Jack and Indiana through the ANCAP rating system.

Rhianne takes Jack and Indiana through the ANCAP rating system and Indiana gets to check how safe her mum’s car is.

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