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Let’s re-write the ending

Let’s re-write the ending.
Dashcam Footage Submission.

Mistakes on the road are made by everyday Australians, doing everyday things, everyday. The unfortunate side to this is that too many of these mistakes end in tragedy – where someone is seriously injured or worse, killed.

If you’ve captured some unnerving footage during your travels, we’d like
you to help us.

We’re working on a new national awareness campaign that – through the presence of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and active lane support systems (LSS) – will help re-write the ending and avoid these mistakes happening in the first place.

What are we looking for?

If you’ve captured dashcam footage of either of these two scenarios, please share it with us and we’ll consider it for inclusion in our upcoming campaign.

A pedestrian crosses the road, narrowly missed by a vehicle.

A pedestrian crosses the road, narrowly missed by a vehicle.

A vehicle wanders out of its lane into the path of another car.

A vehicle wanders out of its lane onto the road shoulder
(or into the path of another car).

Once finalised, the campaign will be aired nationally
across television, social media and in print.

Step 1: Provide your details.

* Required

Step 2: Upload your footage.

Upload your dashcam video files to our Dropbox folder and we'll
consider it for inclusion in our campaign.

If you don't have a Dropbox account, that's okay, you don’t need one -
you'll simply need to provide your name and email again on the next screen.

Contact Us.

Need help submitting your dashcam footage?
Phone: 02 6232 0232 or
Email: with a link to your footage.

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