29 Mar 2019

Federal Government’s road safety boost welcomed.

Australasia’s independent authority on vehicle safety, ANCAP, supports the Federal Government’s announcement ahead of next week’s Federal Budget to provide a $2.2 billion injection to improve road safety in Australia.

“This is a welcome and necessary move to keep road safety top-of-mind,” said ANCAP Chair, Ms Wendy Machin.

“The additional funding will help focus efforts as we continue to work towards addressing the road safety challenges.”

“While the majority of jurisdictions achieved a reduction in road fatalities last year, road fatalities and serious injuries remain at rates above that needed to meet the reduction targets set by the Government.”

“Even with advancements in vehicle safety technology, we still face a challenge through an aging fleet where Australian’s are four times more likely to die in a crash in a vehicle 15 years or older.”

“With the establishment of a federal Office of Road Safety, we would like to see efforts focus on initiatives to encourage fleet renewal – to reduce the age of vehicles involved in serious crashes.”

Ms Machin also recognised the importance of the proposed $12 million Road Safety Innovation Fund.

“Innovation is key to advancing road safety – both from the road user side, but also from industry.”

“If we continue to do more of the same, ANCAP analysis shows around 6,000 people will still die on our roads over the next five years,” Ms Machin added.

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