20 Mar 2023

$35,000 BUDGET? There are many safer choices

Are you in the market for a car and keen to stick to a budget of under $35,000? Then look no further than the ANCAP website.

Our new ‘Help me Choose’ tool is designed to make searching and refining results based on safety rating and price point simple. Our best advice is to look for a model with a five-star ANCAP safety rating and the latest "TESTED" datestamp you can afford (the datestamp refers to the criteria that vehicle was tested and assessed against). It allows you to more easily compare ratings between vehicle models.

Our website lists ANCAP safety ratings for more than 880 vehicle models – new and used – which means there are a range of safer vehicle choices in all shapes and sizes.

You can filter and refine by safety features, star rating, datestamp, vehicle type, price and lots more!


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