28 Nov 2018

New Road Vehicle Standards Act encourages regulatory focus on vehicle safety.

ANCAP, Australasia's independent vehicle safety authority today welcomed the passage of the Road Vehicle Standards Bill through Parliament.

ANCAP Chief Executive, James Goodwin acknowledged the extensive review and consultation work that has been undertaken to update the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

“It is encouraging that vehicle safety and consumer protections have been at the forefront of considerations in renewal of this legislation,” said Mr Goodwin.

“We are seeing enormous changes in the automotive industry, so it is important our regulatory measures reflect the vehicles coming off the production line today and in the future.”

“The regulatory provisions within the new legislation will also assist with the early introduction of new, safer vehicle technologies.”

“The online Register of Approved Vehicles, effectively replacing the need for Identification Plates, will improve the transparency and enforceability of the process for the supply of new and used vehicles.”

“We also welcome the improved clarity provided for the recall and rectification of defective vehicles, which will improve the safety of road users throughout the life of the vehicle.”

“ANCAP looks forward to the implementation of the new Road Vehicle Standards Act for the benefit and safety of the Australian community,” Mr Goodwin added.

Media Contact
Bridget Merrett
Communications & Engagement Manager