18 Dec 2018

BEYOND THE STARS: The facts behind ANCAP (2017-18)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of the first ANCAP safety rating.

When first established in the early 1990s, our efforts were met by strong resistance. But we persisted. As we gained further traction among consumers and vehicle brands, that resistance shifted to acceptance. Today, with the majority of vehicle brands seeking ANCAP safety ratings for their models, and consumers now viewing 5 star safety as the expected standard, we have established a position of influence.

We have achieved a lot over the past 25 years – encouraging consumer consideration of safer vehicles, influencing vehicle manufacturers to continually improve the safety of the vehicles they bring to the market, and supporting regulatory change. We now embark on the next phase of our evolution to encourage and build confidence in automation, and through that, drive closer to eliminating road trauma.

Here are some of the facts, figures and achievements garnered from ANCAP’s efforts in 2017-18: www.ancap.com.au/facts

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