Due to public health requirements and associated lockdowns, ANCAP testing has been affected. Unfortunately there are delays to the conduct of testing and publication of ANCAP safety ratings for a number of vehicle models. Safety is our priority. Please stay safe.

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Safer Rides.

Vehicle ownership and the way we use vehicles is changing. Mobility services, such as ride-share and car-share, are increasing in popularity, and those who use these services shouldn’t have to compromise on safety.

ANCAP recognises the rise of the ‘sharing economy’ and has expanded its activities beyond the traditional vehicle owner or driver to ensure all road users can make safer vehicle choices.

Five star safety is now the expected standard, whether you own, drive or ride in a vehicle.

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Safer vehicles for all.

Just as a broad range of governments, local councils, major corporations and small businesses have adopted 5 star vehicle purchase and use policies, ANCAP is working with mobility service providers – including Uber – to see the safety benefits of 5 star cars passed on to users of these services.

From October 2019, vehicles signing up to the Uber Rides platform in Australia will need to meet minimum vehicle safety requirements, including a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. Not only will this assist with improving the safety of Australia’s overall registered vehicle fleet, all road users will benefit including pedestrians and cyclists.

To see how your ride rates, use our search tool above.

Further advice can also be obtained by contacting ANCAP on 02 6232 0232 or

Using a fleet or business vehicle?

When using a vehicle for work, we need to consider the vehicle an extension of the workplace. Just as we provide employees with a safe workspace in the office, factory or worksite, we must also provide them with a safe vehicle.

ANCAP recommends fleets and commercial operators choose vehicles which hold the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating. In addition, look for the Rating Year "datestamp" which identifies the year requirements against which a model was tested and opt for one with a datestamp no more than three years old. This will ensure safety currency.

View the ANCAP Fleet Purchasing Guide.

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