Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Build Dates

Dec 2020 - onwards

On Sale Dates

Mar 2021 - onwards

Applies To

All variants

Vehicle Type

Large SUV

Engine/Fuel Type

Petrol / diesel vehicles

Price Bracket

$35,000 - $65,000

Rating Year/Datestamp


ANCAP Safety Rating

Rating Expires

Dec 2027

ANCAP Safety

The Subaru Outback was introduced in New Zealand in February 2021 and Australia in March 2021. This ANCAP safety rating applies to all variants built from December 2020.

Dual frontal, side chest and side head-protecting airbags and a driver knee airbag are standard. A centre airbag to prevent occupant-to-occupant interaction is not available.

Autonomous emergency braking (Car to Car, Vulnerable Road User, Junction Assist and Backover), as well as a lane support system with lane keep assist (LKA), lane departure warning (LDW) and emergency lane keeping (ELK), and an advanced speed assistance system (SAS) are standard on all variants.

A full list of safety features and technologies can be viewed within the Technical Report (see download link).

Assessment Scores

ANCAP Safety
Adult Occupant Protection
33.56 out of 38
ANCAP Safety
Child Occupant Protection
44.62 out of 49
ANCAP Safety
Vulnerable Road User Protection
45.40 out of 54
ANCAP Safety
Safety Assist
15.40 out of 16

Safety Assist Technologies

AEB - City
Standard on all variants
AEB - Interurban
Standard on all variants
Standard on all variants
AEB - Junction
Standard on all variants
AEB - Backover
Standard on all variants
Standard on all variants
Subaru Outback (Mar 2021 – onwards) full width frontal test at 50km/h
Subaru Outback (Mar 2021 – onwards) frontal offset MPDB test at 50km/h
Subaru Outback (Mar 2021 – onwards) oblique pole test at 32km/h
Subaru Outback (Mar 2021 – onwards) side impact test at 60km/h